new cassette by Straight Crimes soon!

Unofficially now up kind of streaming in a pre0rder kind of way you know? Available at our bandcamp and soon on the Straight Crimes one as well. For the past few months, Straight Crimes has been playing shows displaying ethereal noise soundscapes, heavy beats and minimal riffs. Over the next few months they will be releasing a small handful of tapes showcasing these representations of their sound as captured on their 4 track machines.
Look out (!) for them live and in person at the premier live music venue, the Dildo Factory in Berkeley, CA with touring acts: Prissy Whip and B.I.G.F.U.N. and new locals: Dream coming up June 2nd!


Have a listen at our bandcamp page!

Also, now available, is a new shirt designed and printed by Erin of Straight Crimes (also available at our bandcamp page) :

New Trashies Video !!!!

New Video by the Trashies for the song "V.E.N.O.M." featured on their Fine Concepts / 24.7 release, The Octagon. Order your copy HERE at our Bandcamp!!!

Too Kind Too Kind!

An excellent review of the Straight Crimes cassette, "Jams With Microphone. 2017" Give a listen here at our bandcamp! There are only a handful of these left!

Review 45. (02/06/18) #StraightCrimes “Jams, With Microphone.2017.” (#FineConcepts, FC04) - This one I dug right off the bat at first listen. Good sign. @straightcrimes is Erin Allen (formerly of Riverside, CA’s greatest musickal export #ChildPornography, also ex-#HighCastle, ex-#SisterFucker) and Chani Hawthorne (of #CruelSummer). This is some very tense, stripped down, mercilessly repetitive and feedback-drenched Skeletal Noise Rock from Oakland, CA. Influences quite likely include #BigBlack, early #Swans, #Brainbombs and #DeadC. It would be perhaps fair to accuse them of being an Industrial Sludge/Noise Punk band. Or contemporary Bay Area No Wavebbbb perhaps!?! Quite a long tape with 6 unforgiving yet highly varied & dynamic tracks in total, excerpt included from Side B’s beastly “Get Ready! (Jazz TV 2)”. The cassette is pro-pressed, excellent sound quality and packaging - apparently the material was recorded in 1996 on a 4-track by the band... Well it sounds rather killer, nice rich sound, full of fine harsh & shrill sonic nuances. Allen’s signature odd angst-ridden shouted vocals are sparse yet startling. Overall I really dig the material. Totally recommended & would probably dig this live - it comes off inspired, unforced and organic. AND quite fucked, of course. #undergroundcassette #undergroundtape #noisetape #noisecassettes #noisecassette #cassettereview #tapereview #noisemusic #experimentalmusic #noiserock #sludgerock #doommetal #industrialrock #nowave #noisepunk #undergroundrock #cassetteblog #NUGS #experimentalrock
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The Trashies' latest release "The Octagon" recently has drummed up some favorable reviews:

the Yellow Green Red blog run by Matt Korvette is something you should stay tuned to! Go HERE to read more!

Also, Jesse Boredom of the Bored to Death site reviewed the record, which could be read HERE

West Coast of the US tour dates in support of The Trashies' "The Octagon" have been announced! visit the facebook tour event page here for more details!

Feb 9- SEA at Black Lodge w Clarko, Casual Hex, Dragon
10- PDX Kenton Club w Man Repellent, Cool Flowers, Hurry Up
11- Santa Rosa at tba Fire Relief Benefit w Ty Segall, White Fence
12-SF Hemlock Tavern w Blank Square, Drama
13- OAK the Hole w CCR Headcleaner,Mozart, Straight Crimes
14- SAC Verge Gallery w Glass Sounds
15- LB 4th st Vine w Egrets on Ergot, Clown Sounds
16- SD Awesome Fest w Fleshies, Shellshag, Chinchees
18- LA (early) Permanent Records Echo Park w Pure Shit
(late) the Y w Egrets on Ergot, Red Channel, R Clown

Nerve Beats 12" album up for Pre-Sale and is Streeeeeaaaammmmiiiinnngggg....

I am pleased to announce that the vinyl for the new Nerve Beats full length has arrived! I now have the daunting task of screen printing and hot gluing 500 record jackets ahead of me. In 2018, Nerve Beats will tour in support of this release. Personally- this is representing some sort of "full circle" stylie of circumstances, given that I recorded this album on my tascam 424 mkiii 4 track machine at the end of their last US tour.
I just made the album available to stream for yallsies to listen to while I color match the chosen art color with ink and warm up the hot glue gun.
All advance orders are much appreciated because they will help to fund the costs of promoting the record-- which includes sending "free" records out to possible reviewers and buying (hopefully) some ads in underground publications-- all hopefully before the record is released.... eek.... which is slated for either the beginning of or midway thru January of 2018.

Stream the whole album at our BandCamp page!
Pre-Order the album at our BandCamp page!

Also available is the new Trashies LP and the recently released Straight Crimes cassette which you should also check out! 

Trashies drop a new "Rotten Egg"!!!!

The Octagon is now fully available on-line and yours to order! Spray painted, screen-printed and coming with a fine booklet of literary information.
Nab a copy tonite in Portland, OR at their last record release show!

Listen to and order the record HERE!

Pick Up a copy in Oakland, CA at Contact Records, Econo Jam Records & 1234 Go! Records.